BMW R1250 GS – aka The Road King

There is not much to talk about … The undisputed king of all miles shredders has arrived in our barn too!

Although it has been with us for 40 years, constant improvement of mechanics, dynamic and electronics keeps it constantly at the top of the AdV scene for a good reason.

Have you ever wondered why the GS riders ride them like they stole it?! We did also, until we rode it and started running away from the hand of justice ourselves! Have you ever wondered how is it not hard for them to get through the city’s traffic jams with this huge Adv engine?! We did also, until we have figured it out that despite its size and mass, we can do it with ease.

Whatever you throw in front of it, fast turns, long plains, bad roads, narrow streets of historic coastal cities, forest roads, or gravel paths to hidden beaches, by yourself or with better half, without luggage or filled to the top, you’ll get there hyped and thrilled yet relaxed and rested.



Bike specification

Engine: two cylinder Boxer air/oil-cooled, 4 valves per cylider

Engine displacement: 1254 ccm

Engine power: 136 KS (100 kW) @ 7.750 rpm

Gears: 6-speed with quickshifter

Drive: Shaft drive

Rezervoar: 20 l

Bike weight: 249 kg

Seat height: 850 / 870 mm

Ride by wire: Yes

Clutch: Slide clutch

LED lights: Rear

Additional equipment:

  • Dynamic ESA (riding modes Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro)
  • Engine protection
  • Central stand
  • Additional LED lamps
  • Heated grips
  • Hand guards
  • Top case (lockable)
  • Side cases (lockable)

Coming soon!

We are looking at getting these bikes for you soon…if you are interested tell us in advance!


yamaha tracer 9


Europe’s best-selling Sport Touring is redesigned with a larger-capacity 890cc 3-cylinder engine producing even stronger torque for intoxicating acceleration. Whether you’re pushing hard on twisty mountain roads or covering big distances on the highway, the new lightweight chassis ensures sport bike agility with tourer stability – solo and two-up.


Moto-Guzzi-V85-TT-3MOTO GUZZI V85TT

Moto Guzzi’s first classic travel enduro with simplicity of its form, together with riding ease and convenience are the key elements which make the V85 TT unique whilst its design and style speak the language of free spirits who are longing to leave kilometres of tarmac in their wake. The V85 TT is seamlessly mixes the great classic styles of the off-road world with advanced technological elements. It’s a true all-season bike, ready to set off on adventure whenever the mood takes you. And as if all that weren’t enough, it’s the only bike in its segment to use shaft drive transmission, superior to a chain drive because it makes no mess and requires no maintenance.


yamaha tenere 700


Yamaha Ténéré 700 is a lightweight, no-compromise dual sport motorcycle with one of the highest specifications in its class. Equipped with Yamaha’s popular 689 cc CP2 inline-twin engine, new chassis and adventure-focused features, the Ténéré 700 is designed to deliver you class-leading handling and agility wherever you may ramble.