Spirit of past time – BMW K100

In the late 70s of the 20th century Japanese motorcycles attacked the European market. But BMW decided to keep its prestige position on top of the most desirable motorcycles in the world. They decided to design and make a motorcycle that would not resemble the Japanese look and performance. K100 – The flying brick – the new icon was born. It was a motorcycle with a whole host of unique and desirable traits that drivers all over the world made happy. A blend of BMW’s quality control, attention paid to details and experience has made this motorcycle special. While the demanding Japanese motorcycles caused bursts of sweat like those on the Japanese anime eyebrows, the K100 went almost as fast with such impeccable ease that you could listen to Strauss’s waltz playing in your headphones while enjoying the ride. Never again did the blend of the aggregate, the cardan drive and the gearbox work so silky and soft. At the same time, it developed strength and performance almost identical to those of the superbikes at the time.

We bring you its cleverest and most sincere naked version that even today catches everyone’s eye by timeless attractiveness, attitude and sound.


Bike specification

Engine: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid coolant

Engine displacement: 987 ccm

Engine power: 90 KS (65,6 kW) @ 8000 o/min

Gears: 5 gears

Torque: 86 Nm @ 8250 o/min

Drive: cardan

Rezervoar: 22 l

Bike weight: 239 kg

Seat height: 810 mm

Additional equipment:

  • Engine protection
  • BMW side chassis