A modern classic – Triumph Street Scrambler

After your heart skipped a beat, the smile went all over your face, the word “mighty” is the first thing you will think of when you see the Triumph Street Scrambler. If you ever imagined the motorcycle that will take you to the adventure, where you will feel the spirit of the old motorcycling times and feel like Steve McQueen (a.k.a. Mr. Cool), then the Triumph Street Scrambler is the right choice for you.

“Powerful” does not refer to power or speed. It refers to its urban – offroad style and heritage that springs from every line and pore. We often do not understand the saying “less is more”, but in the case of Triumph Street Scrambler the truth lies precisely in that. Like many things in life, today’s engines increase their power, maximum acceleration and speed, they allow for an ever-increasing angle of inclination without the fear of righting,  you can pull the brakes strongly, and all this thanks to very precise electronics that can beat Apollo 11! Today, everything has to be better, faster and easier. But somewhere in this process, many things have gone missing, which once made a motorcycling true pleasure. The connection between the driver and his engine has been lost. The driver no longer thinks but the motorcycle does that instead, which becomes a means of transporting you easily and without any drama from point A to point B. Triumph Street Scrambler offers personality and fun. It offers that excitement and enthusiasm in the helmet, the one you can hear only when you pass something you did not expect the motorcycle to do. And, trust our word, we put him to the test again and again! J

This is a motorcycle of clean, minimalist lines and modern finishing touches that the concept of “user-friendly” rises to a whole new level and will provide you, together with a handful of fun, that unfiltered sense of control and safety on every type of road and surface.


Bike specification

Engine: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled

Engine displacement: 900 ccm

Engine power: 55 Hp (40.5kW) @ 6000 rpm

Gears: 5 gears

Drive: Chain drive

Rezervoar: 12 l

Bike weight: 200 kg

Seat height: 750 mm

ABS: Yes, but it can be switched off

Ride by wire: Yes

Clutch: Slide clutch

Engine block: Yes, but it can be switched off

LED lights: Rear

Travel computer: 1

Additional equipment:

  • Triumph engine protection bar
  • Triumph rear luggage rack
  • SW Motech Legend gear left bag
  • Louis vintage moto backpack
  • Military bag