It’s been a long week … keyboard keys are getting harder, the mouse cursor often tends to escape to Google, while YouTube suddenly looks like a promised land full of adventure and perfect roads all over the world … But it’s Friday! There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is so close. The right wrist begins to twist the air while the left foot twitches in rhythmical movements up and down. Colleagues raise eyebrows and look with surprised faces. They do not understand this, what happens to you every Friday, but you couldn’t care less … You lowered your visor and took all your worries off with a twist of a wrist! Hundreds and thousands of office-style prisoners like you suffer five days a week for those two days of a perfect end of the week.

S T O P!

Yes, WE do know what’s going on because we’ve been suffering from the same illness (been there, done that)! That’s why we decided to turn on that light and illuminate the end of the tunnel for you. Be happy, it’s Friday and we’re here to set you free from the chains of Homo computerens and release Homo sapiens back into the wild!

Yes, we want to snap you out of pleasant everyday life and throw you into the wilderness where only survival awaits you … Okay, maybe we went a bit too far. But we just want to bring some adventure back into your life. We want to give you wings, and it’s up to you to swing and fly (every literal understanding of this statement is extremely unacceptable ☺)!
Tell us where you want to go, what you want to see, what kind of roads you want to try and we have a perfect motorcycle ready for you! Do you want to cruise safely on the highway and enjoy the view, the food and the drinks? Do you want an anti-stress therapy from one bend to another? Are you fed up with the modern things and you just want to sit on that motorcycle that will bring you back to the simpler and more peaceful times? Want to lose yourself in wilderness, experience endorphin rush when you conquer a stage, without having to get to Mongolia because you only have one afternoon available? And in each of these cases you want to see something new and yet somehow old and familiar? Or maybe you just have no idea where to go but the only thing you know is that you MUST go for it?

For you, we have ready-made self-guided motorcycle tours tailored to every engine that will satisfy all your wishes and expectations, and our specialty is just a weekend tour. Why? There are three reasons for this. The first is that we are aware that although we all want to get lost on the perfect roads and routes all over the world, most of us simply have neither time nor resources to do it. Another reason for us is that we ourselves stem from the line of weekend warriors and we know that these two or three days of wandering around Croatia and the surrounding area often helped us survive the remaining five of the week. The third reason is perhaps the most important! We want to restore the sense of motorcycling adventure to your life, and what is the adventure if someone is guiding you all the way and you just sit back and do nothing? You agree with us – not much of an adventure. That is why we think that these weekend tours (and by “weekend” we mean the number of days) are ideal to taste that real freedom and excitement so that you do not need any help. And the company? Well, that’s another story … If you have more than a few days to enjoy, our multi-day motorcycle tours all over Croatia are waiting just for you!
Without further delay, turn on the engine and let’s go for a tour!