RAMBLER MOTO collects and processes personal information in its business and takes measures to ensure that personal data processing is legitimate, fair and transparent.

In this respect RAMBLER MOTO regarding your personal data in accordance with EU Regulation 679/16. may have the role of a manager and / or processor and you, our service users, hereby disclose the processing of your personal information, which data RAMBLER MOTO collects and the way it is used.

The collection, processing and use of data shall be carried out in accordance with the data protection regulations and the terms used in this Statement will have the meaning specified in EU Regulation 679/16.

When we publish changes to this Privacy Statement, we will include the date of the last statement change. If we significantly change the statement or how we use your personal information, we will notify you by clearly publishing the notification before making any changes or by sending the notification directly. We recommend that you periodically review this statement.


  1. Basic Information about RAMBLER MOTO as the Manager and / or the Data Processor

1.1. Identity and contact information: RAMBLER MOTO, Bozidara Magovca Street 62, 10010 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia;


  1. How do we collect your information?

2.1. RAMBLER MOTO collects personal information directly from you when concluding and executing a mutual agreement, as well as for any transactions that precede the conclusion of the contract (offers, inquiries, reservations, requests within the order of the service, sending inquiries or requests relating to our services), or upon your consent, via the RAMBLER MOTO website. In addition, we collect personal information when you make it available to us, for example, in the registration process as a user of our services or in creating your profile on our website, by filling in forms or by sending an email and in similar situations in which you choose to provide us files.

2.2. Use of Services: When you want to make an agreement with RAMBLER MOTO, please make an inquiry for an offer, request a reservation for RAMBLER MOTO and in any case when entering into making of an agreement with RAMBLER MOTO we will need your personal information to provide you with a service comply with your request or in order to respond to your request. When setting up your service request or when entering into making an agreement with RAMBLER MOTO you will be familiar with the type and amount of information you are required to provide for the purpose of fulfilling your request or the conclusion and concluding an agreement (personal data we collect for the purposes of this points may include your name, surname, identity number, company or organization name, address, telephone, email address, driver’s license information, your credit card details, and other information as may be required for specific contractual relationship).

2.3. Use of the Website: You can browse and use our website anonymously because we do not collect data that would allow your identification as an individual and you are not required to provide your personal information as a condition for using the site. When you use our website we can store data for various security reasons. Such information may include the name of your Internet Service Provider, the Internet site that you linked to our site, the website you visited from our site and your IP address. These data could lead to your identification, but we do not use it for that. From time to time, we use this data for statistical purposes, but at the same time we ensure anonymity of each user, so that person can not be identified. By entering personal data on the provided fields on the Internet pages you confirm that you have voluntarily provided your personal information and that you allow it to be used for the purposes for which data is provided.


  1. To what purpose do we process your information?

3.1. We process and use your information for the purposes for which it was collected, as well as for the execution of the legal or lawful obligations of RAMBLER MOTO, e.g.:

  1. a) for the purpose of the performance of the agreement you are a party of, and in order to take action at your request prior to the conclusion of the agreement (e.g. booking and rental of motorcycles, etc.);
  2. b) for the purpose for which you have been granted (e.g. for the purpose of providing new services or products, satisfaction surveys of services, etc.);
  3. c) if the processing is necessary for the respect of the legal and lawful obligations of RAMBLER MOTO (e.g. keeping accounting records, delivering your data to the competent body if the offence was committed during the rental period, etc.);
  4. d) if processing is necessary to protect your key interests.


  1. Do we share your information with third parties?

4.1. The information we collect from you and about you remain kept in the RAMBLER MOTO data base. Your information may be provided to third parties:

  1. a) when it is our obligation under the law or as a response to legal proceedings, or at the request of the competent law enforcement agencies in connection with misdemeanor, criminal or judicial proceedings;
  2. b) for the protection of our rights, privacy, security or property, and the public;
  3. c) for administrative or technical support (e.g. for our accountants) or for other business purposes for facilitating transactions with you;
  4. d) to analyse our data, conduct mobile analytics services, or maintain and improve our services (subject to confidentiality agreements, if applicable);
  5. e) to seek appropriate remedies and to limit the damage that may be caused to us;
  6. f) to enforce the terms of any contract or business relationship with you or our terms and conditions of the site (e.g. for the purpose of service or repair of motorcycles at any of the services, etc.);
  7. h) in other cases, with your consent.

4.2. We may disclose your personal information to third party service providers (such as a payment service provider, for billing services, an email provider that will send you emails or service providers within our bank with whom we have co-operation financing the purchase of our services). These service providers may be in a country that is different from your home country, such as the United States or a member state of the European Union. These service providers are contractually obliged to keep the confidentiality and security of your data. However, your data may be available to government bodies in accordance with applicable laws.

4.3. In cases of data sharing with third parties, RAMBLER MOTO will prohibit these parties from using your personal information for purposes other than contractual and will oblige a business partner to maintain confidentiality of personal data.


  1. Are you obliged to provide us with your personal information?

5.1. When requesting a service from RAMBLER MOTO, making an inquiry, asking for a offer, submitting a specific objection to the contract or executing it, it is necessary to provide us with the personal information necessary for your identification as a user of our services, and finally to conclude and execute the contract , to resolve your claim or complaint. Therefore, in these situations, your personal information is a legal and contractual obligation necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract to resolve your claim or complaint.


  1. Your rights in terms of data processing

6.1. In relation to all your personal information stored at our site, you are entitled to:

  1. a) access to personal information – you have the right, in writing, by telephone or in person, to request and receive personal information about you that we are dealing with, provided that your identity is undoubtedly established and proven;
  2. b) correction or amendment of personal data – in case that your information is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right in writing or personally to request correction or amendment of your personal data by providing additional statement, provided that your identity is undoubtedly established and proven. You are responsible for providing the correct personal information and you are required to notify us of all relevant personal information changes (name, surname, address etc.);
  3. c) deletion of personal data – if there are no longer any reasons why your personal data should be processed, and for the purpose for which they were collected, such data will be deleted, if this is not in conflict with the applicable regulations, or if it is not processing the data for statistical purposes when it is no longer possible to identify the person to whom these data relate, based on personal data, or if they are not necessary for the establishment, enforcement or defence of legal requirements;
  4. d) withdrawal of consent for marketing purposes – you have the right at any time to withdraw the given consent for the delivery of our marketing email;
  5. e) limiting the processing of personal data – you have the right to request in writing or in person at our company’s headquarters temporarily blocking the processing of personal data, provided that you dispute the accuracy of the data and is specified as necessary to verify the accuracy of the data or processing is not permitted and oppose the deletion of the data if RAMBLER MOTO does not require these data, and you are requesting them to comply with legal requirements, or if you have filed a complaint and expecting RAMBLER MOTO’s confirmation if our legitimate reasons overcome your reasons;
  6. f) the right to file a complaint against processing and data transferability – you have the right to file a complaint at any time by giving reasons relating to your interests in writing or in person at the address of our company. In this case, we will notify you if the legitimate interests of our company are beyond your interests and that personal information is further processed for the purpose of achieving or defending the legal requirements in which case the data will continue to be processed;
  7. g) the right to file objections to the supervisory body regarding the processing of personal data (Personal Data Protection Agency) all in accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.


  1. Personal Data Storage Period

7.1. The period of keeping and storing of your data depends on the type / category of data, the purpose for which they are given or collected and the laws or legal obligations to which RAMBLER MOTO is subject. Personal data is kept for as long as required by law or as much as is necessary for the requested service to be provided, or for the service or purpose for which you have been granted, unless the law provides otherwise (e.g. in connection with ongoing court proceedings).

7.2. Data relating to the legal and lawful obligations of RAMBLER MOTO are stored for the period prescribed by the relevant laws – e.g. the obligation to time of keeping invoices and bookkeeping documents (which contain your data) are prescribed by the Accounting Act.

7.3. Data for which the deadline for storage is not prescribed by law or other regulations shall be stored for a reasonable period, taking into account the category of data and the purpose for which it was collected. Data collected for a particular purpose will only be used for that purpose and after the expiration of a reasonable period of time, and once this purpose is completed will no longer be actively stored. Anonymous data may continue to be used for statistical and marketing purposes, archiving purposes, and other analytical purposes. When giving these data, you will be familiar with the storage time, or the criteria that determine the storage time of this data.

7.4. After the keeping and storage period has elapsed, personal data is deleted. Therefore, the right to access, the right to be deleted, the right to correct or edit and the right to transfer of personal data can not be executed after the expiration of the period of custody.


  1. Security of Your Personal Information on the Internet

8.1. RAMBLER MOTO website protects your personal information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Information on computer servers is stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.


  1. Applying Cookies

9.1. We apply the so-called cookies on our website – cookies are text files that are placed on a user’s computer by an internet server that the user uses. Files are generated when a browser on a user’s device loads a visited network destination that then sends data to a browser and creates a text file (cookie). The browser retrieves and sends the file to the network destination server (site, page) when returning the user to it.

9.2. Cookies are used to operate all features of web pages and have better user experience, and can be temporary (stored only during the time of visiting the website) or permanent (the computer of the user keeps them in store even after a visit).

The website is using the third-party cookies to obtain statistical information about the visit and how to use our website. The data that is collected includes user IP address, browser data, language, operating system, and other standard data that are collected and analysed solely in anonymous and massive form, except for user data. The RAMBLER MOTO website does not contain cookies that allow you to launch programs or set up viruses on your computer.

9.3. The website is using Google Analytics statistics, and you can look for the rules on third-party cookies on Google Analytics. We may collect information about how users use our website, from time to time, by using other tools similar to Google Analytics.

9.4. Preventing cookies. If you do not agree to their use, you can easily delete (or prevent) cookies on your computer or mobile device using the browser settings you are using. For more information on managing cookies, visit the browser pages you are using, or visit Since the purpose of the cookie is to improve and enable the use of our web site and its processes, keep in mind that by preventing or deleting cookies, you can disable the functionality of these features or cause their different functioning and appearance in your browser.