What is it and how does it work?

Self-guided tours are the basis of motorcycling that is tailored to get you the most of your tour in a relatively short period of time. What does that mean,  you wonder? That means you’ll get a motorcycle, a map, a compass, a tour guide and, if you want, GPS navigation. We will plan your tour, find the best driving roads for you, and thus guide you through some of the most beautiful scenery in Croatia. We will recommend you the best sightseeing spots, the best pit stop to fill your soul and stomach, and, last but not least, an accommodation homey atmosphere. And the basic set up is here: you, the engine and the road.


For whom is it intended for?

For you exactly! For all motorcyclists who want to bring back the flavor of adventure to their life and who are willing to spice up their own choices. YOU are your own guide, YOU decide when it’s time to go, where to stop and how long you will stay there, will you turn off the route to explore a secluded road or a gravel road, whether you want to go out of the hotel at the crack of dawn or you will still enjoy a little bit of what some place has to offer. Not sure if you have taken the right road? Is the proposed road section closed for some reason? You will take a map, orient yourself in the area and find the best bypass route and you will most likely see and experience something new! Not sure this is the best way? You will stop and ask the first passer-by, or a house, and ask for advice. Believe us, there are no better and friendlier guides than the local population.



We offer several different tours that have been taken many times, carefully prepared and described in detail for you. They offer an almost perfect ride, rest and enjoyment in everything else they have to offer.
You have your own ideas or wishes? No problem – just write to us what you would like to see and visit, which roads and / or motorcycles you would like to try and we will create a separate tour that is tailored for you only.


What is included in the package?

  • motorcycle rental
  • the accompanying luggage (see Motorcycles section)
  • a detailed road map of the tours
  • compass
  • printed tour guide with detailed descriptions of directions, roads, locations and recommended accommodation
  • disk lock
  • flat tyre repair spray
  • first aid kit
  • tour briefing when picking up the motorcycle
  • 24-hour telephone assistance
  • accommodation of your own luggage that you do not want / can not take in RAMBLER MOTO premises


Additional Options

  • GPS navigation rental, with a drawn route and points of interest
  • helmet rental
  • kidney protection belt rental
  • motorcycle gloves rental
  • motorcycle jacket rental