Round and round, up and down

If you come from Zagreb or the surrounding area, then you must know what we are talking about.

And if you’re not, get yourself ready for a big time revelation!
This tour represents a time machine, showing the times when the city of Zagreb, with the surrounding area, as well as Hrvatsko Zagorje, represented an almost inseparable whole. The tour connects the most beautiful parts of the center of Zagreb with the hills of Zagrebačka gora – Medvednica, Hrvatsko Zagorje and Samoborsko gorje.

Serpentine after serpentine, hill after hill, bends after bend, vineyard after vineyard, roadhouse after roadhouse, hut after hut, castle after castle … This is a tour that will surely cover all your senses, including those you may have forgotten. You will enjoy rides on the excellent roads, changes in the tempo, the old-town, open and woody road sections, ups and downs, narrow cuts, and if you wish, gravel roads too. And if you are really craving the good old times, Sava river ferry is waiting for you.

How long does it take to enjoy riding and sightseeing those 300 km, all at once? Just as much as you’d like it – from one to several days. Our recommendation is over the weekend because the area you will be touring is so rich in various natural, cultural and gastronomic offerings that you will be (and can be) the only planner of your time spent on the tour. Whether you’re willing to go all in one go, or you are more the type to enjoy the landscape, the views, the tastes and the scents every ten kilometers – well, that depends only on you. And you know what? This is exactly the point of this tour, and exactly how motorcycling should be.
Don’t be a stranger – feel free to contact us, make your own wishlist and we will tailor the tour especially for you and your palate!


Kilometers (km) 300
Hours of driving 7,5
Type of roads tarmac, local
Nr of recommended days 2
Recommended motorcycle Your choice