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Length (km) 870
Hours of driving 18,5
Type of roads tarmac fast-track & local
Nr of recommended days 3-4
Recommended motorcycle Your choice


Istria & Moutain Croatia Rambler Moto Route

This interesting tour combines several completely different parts of Croatia.
You will head south from Zagreb and it will take an hour to get to the first of these parts, Gorski kotar. Almost all of the time you will pass the mountains and the huge forests. The air is cool, traffic is low so you have the freedom to concentrate on just one thing – the road. And the road, as if it bent on purpose, to make you feel a little bit more seduced and push you to dance with it even more briskly. Gorski kotar hides many secrets, and you will find out about them depending on which motorcycle you choose. You can not make a mistake with the choice of the engine because each of them will give you the best it can.

Want to tame the BMW R1250 GS, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer or Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special? Use every bend of the highway and add a little more to the adrenaline pump, or if you want to have a lighter lane on the other engine, take a  turn from the main road and see the beauty reserved for the more patient ones (and trust us, there is plenty of those)? Taking a lighter tempo, you will have streams, canyons, lakes, glades, mountain huts, lookouts and supertasty domestic specialties based on the forest fruits.

No matter which way you choose because sooner or later you will come to the other part of this tour, Primorje – the coastal area. First you will need to take off at least one piece of clothing, and then a treat for all of us, Grobnik. The most famous Croatian racing track will treat you with real noises and scents in which only a true petrolhead can enjoy. Grab something to eat and a refreshing drink, sit in the auditorium and absorb impressions! After Grobnik we are taking you to one of the most beautiful road sections in the region from Mošćenička Draga to Plomin, the legendary Plominka road. At one point you will enjoy in almost perfect bends, in another in stunning views of the blue sea and the island of Cres, and in the third, you will have the feeling that you are not the only one who has decided to ride Plominka from Grobnik. And you will be right.

The Plominka road leads you to the third part of the tour, central Istria. Its quiet roads will lead you to the smallest town in the world, Hum, the Pazin castle, bending over the pits of the same name, small towns of Beram, Buzet, Motovun and Groznjan, looking one at another, over the rich valley of the Mirna river and the ancient Motovun forest. Each of you those will lure you to stay a little longer. No problem! The rooms and suites in medieval houses and lavish villas are available, and the food is, as you already know, phenomenal! The tastes typical of the inland of Istria can only be outdone by Istrian wines.

Through the inland, still under a strong impression, you will come to the last part of the tour, on the west coast of Istria. From its north to south, from Umag to Cape Kamenjak you will need much longer than the navigation suggests. Why? The cities of Novigrad, Poreč, Rovinj, the fjord of Lim, the ancient city of Pula … do we need to explain more?

And when you think this is as good as it gets, you will go back through another path, where another few hundred miles of pure, genuine new pleasures are waiting for you.

The recommended duration of the tour is between three and four days, which is, in our opinion, the minimum time for you to embrace everything it has to offer. Just use your imagination, send us a query and express your wishes or give us the freedom to arrange a Rambler tour with a touch of a special spice just for you.

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