Scramble Zagreb


Length (km) 150
Hours of drive 5
Type of roads tarmac local, gravel
Number of recommended days 1
Recommended motorcycle Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special

In Zagreb for the first time, you have read some things about it in advance, you know what you want to see and where to take a good selfie. Your phone is in hand, Google Maps is on, and the trigger finger is waiting. Nothing else you need, right? Or… You live in Zagreb, so why would anyone bother showing you around your hometown?!
Well, you’re wrong! Whether you are in Zagreb for the first time or you are an original inhabitant,  believe us when we say that this type of sightseeing of Zagreb has not yet been experienced.

Scramble Zagreb tour combines its altitude and lowlands, water and mountains, showing its natural, historical and modern face. You will ride on gravel roads, meadows, asphalt and old roads made of blocks, surrounded by water, woods and also with tradition, you will go uphill, downhill, bend on the serpentines, go straight in one direction and spin around! You’ll even enjoy a little ride on a ferry across the Sava river.

Food and drinks – don’t worry about a thing. There is plenty to offer – from traditional local dishes to ones from the nearby Zagorje area, typical delicacies from all of Croatia, to world cuisines – everything is served for you.

The tour covers about 150 km and due to the configuration of the terrain and various roads, the ride itself takes over 5 hours. When you consider that you will want to stop time and again and this time, you will want to take the original and authentic Zagreb selfie and then reward your palate (and not just once), then we come to the conclusion that you have a real all-day Zagreb style scramble waiting for you!
Which motorcyle to ride? We think the title reveals everything … Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special